Launching Leading with Heart Training Program

March 22, 2019

RD successfully launched Leading with Heart – special training program to Area Coaches and RST managers for 2 batches in March 13-14 and March 18-19, 2019 with the aim to cascade to all levels in the near future so that we speak the same language – Heartstyles language. RD believes in the power of leading with heart will create a living environment and culture in our organization.

Heartstyles is an individual development program of a global consulting firm, established in Sydney Australia in 1987, focusing on developing Heart with Smart culture and leadership in organizations. Heartstyles is the tool and strategy to measure and manage culture to transform people who drive performance. The heart of Heartstyles is to enhance organizational culture by transforming lives and developing character in all your people – giving every person in the organization the opportunity to develop their potential from the bottom up and top down, not just leadership.