RD We Care : COVID-19 crisis

July 21, 2020

Following the rapid growth in COVID-19 pandemic globally, RD have strong preventive action to slow down its spread and avoid overloading health care systems in Thailand. We would like to minimize the risk to our employees and their families together with the attempt to keep our business running as uaual. We applied Work From Home Policy and provide Survival kit ( Masks, Alcohol Gel, Vitamin C, send out communication infographic of COVID-19 regularly, Providing COVID-19 protective insurance to all full time employees.

Moreover, RD partnered with Qualtrics  - Experience Management Platform to create Remote + On Site Work Pulse, giving the company's leadership team insight into our employee needs and concerns. After received the survey results, new initiatives has introduced include a flexible Next Normal work plan (both Work From Home and split team take turn entering to office), arrange Town Hall twice a month, Internet Top Up allowance 600 Baht, arrange welcome back to office party, provide Thank You meal-kits, faceshield and personalized cards for thousands of our employees. Everything we do because we CARE our employeee and encourage them to work most efficiently even during unusal situation.